There are thousands of websites devoted to rehabilitation and exercise physiology. Anyone with a pulse can create, compose, and send out their opinions to the millions of eyes on the internet (myself included). Just because you can, doesn’t always mean that you should… This can be said for most blogs focusing on exercise or rehabilitation. Below, find the blogs that have passed the sniff test and offer significant value to clinicians and patients alike…

*Disclaimer: This list is constantly evolving and I am sure that there are fantastic resources that are missing from this list. If you believe that I am missing a website, let me know in the comments below!*


Top Articles:

  1. The Shoulder (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) by Michael Ray and Austin Baraki
  2. Mobility Explained by Michael Ray
  3. The Beauty of the Bell Curve by Jordan Feigenbaum

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Top Articles:

  1. Explaining Pain for Acute Back Pain – reflections on Traeger et al. (Part 1, Part 2) by Lorimer Moseley
  2. The disconnect between tissue pathology, load and pain: implications for clinicians by Adam Culvenor
  3. The (potential) impact of choosing words carefully… by Emma Karran

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Top Articles:

  1. Tendinopathy — Rehab Progression by Tom Goom
  2. Resistance Training — An Underutilized Drug Available in Everybody’s Medicine Cabinet by Yorgi Mavros
  3. The Nordic Hamstring: How can we improve compliance by Jimisayo Osinaike


Top Articles:

  1. Cyclops Lesion Causing Loss of Extension by Lenny Macrina
  2. Kids and Sports Injuries: What are We Doing Wrong? by Lenny Macrina
  3. The One Change I Made that Significantly Improved My Patient Outcomes by Lenny Macrina
  4. Operative versus Non-operative Treatment for the Management of Full-thickness Rotator Cuff Tears by Lenny Macrina

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Top Articles:

  1. Stop telling people their rotated hips are causing their pain, seriously, stop it. by Derek Miles
  2. Scraping Away the Narratives of IASTM by Derek Miles
  3. The Problem with an (Entirely) Structural Based Approach to Low Back Pain by Derek Miles
  4. Cupping — An Attempt to Draw Evidence by Derek Miles
  5. K-tape: Generic Tape that Doesn’t Fix Anything by Derek Miles


Top Articles:

  1. Is Icing an Injury Really Bad for You? What the Science Says. by Mike Reinold
  2. Return to Play Testing After ACL Reconstruction by Lenny Macrina
  3. Sorry, Sitting Isn’t Really Bad for You by Mike Reinold

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Top Articles:

  1. Gluteal Tendinopathy by Sian Smale
  2. How to Explain SIJ Pain Without Using SIJ, Rotation, or Innominate by Erson Religioso
  3. Explaining a Patient’s Role in Their Recovery by Erson Religioso


Top Articles:

  1. The Complete Guide to Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain by Pain Ingraham and Tim Taylor
  2. The Great Ice vs Heat Confusion Debacle by Paul Ingraham
  3. Does Posture Correction Matter? by Paul Ingraham
  4. Spinal Subluxation: Can Your Spine Be Out of Alignment? by Paul Ingraham
  5. Modality Empires: The Trouble with Trademarked Treatment Methods by Paul Ingraham

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Top Articles:

  1. Some Things are Worth Fighting For: Debate and Professional Identity by Kenny Venere
  2. Why Do Ineffective Treatments Persist? by Kenny Venere
  3. Mechanistic Reasoning and Science-Based Physio by Kenny Venere
  4. Lost in Translation: Communication in Physiotherapy by Jason Eure
  5. Argument and the Ever-Shifting Goalposts by Jason Eure


Top Articles:

  1. The Repeated Bout Effect: A Defense of the Yellow TheraBand by Scot Morrison
  2. Goldilocks, Bayes Theorem, and the Clinical Search for Optimal Load by Scot Morrison
  3. An Introduction to Loading: Foundation & Principles by Scot Morrison
  4. An Introduction to Loading: Clinical Application of Auto-Regulatory Periodization by Scot Morrison

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Top Articles:

  1. On Difficult Cases by Richard Severin
  2. 10 Quick Tips for Staying Up to Date by Richard Severin
  3. Heart Auscultation and Murmurs by Richard Severin
  4. On “Breathing Dysfunction” by Richard Severin


Top Articles:

  1. Watch your mouth. The nonsense is breaking many. by Greg Lehman
  2. Tissue changes and pain: Explaining their relevance by Greg Lehman
  3. Why I put strength on dysfunction by Greg Lehman
  4. Revisiting the spinal flexion debate: Prepare for doubt by Greg Lehman
  5. Core stability and pain: Is it time to stop using the word stability to explain pain? by Greg Lehman

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Top Articles:

  1. Gluteal Tendinopathy, are Psychological Factors More Important than Strength? by Tom Goom
  2. Gluteal Tendinopathy, Is Targeted Loading or Education the Key? by Tom Goom
  3. Gluteus Medius — Evidence-Based Rehab by Tom Goom

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Top Articles:

  1. Why a Quad Index Matters by Erik Meira
  2. Biomechanics Matter Even When They Don’t by Erik Meira
  3. The False Dichotomy of Open vs Closed Kinetic Chain by Erik Meira
  4. The Art of Doing Nothing by Erik Meira
  5. Understanding Hip Joint Pain in the Young Adult by Erik Meira

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Top Articles:

  1. A Hole in the Blanket… by Adam Meakins
  2. Just Breathe… by Adam Meakins
  3. Closing the Window of Opportunity… by Adam Meakins

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Top Articles:

  1. Are you a Thermostat or a Thermometer? by Joel Sattgast, DPT
  2. Understanding Relative Contribution to Running-Related Injuries by Christopher Johnson

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  1. As someone who appreciates a strong ROI, this list is exceptional for clinicians looking to multiply the return on their study time.

    Impressive list.


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