Purpose: Identify individuals presenting with low back/pelvic pain originating from the sacroiliac joint.

Stage of CPR Development: Validated.


Laslett et al., 2003/05 van der Wurff et al., 2006
SI Distraction SI Distraction
SI Compression SI Compression
Thigh Thrust Test Thigh Thrust Test
Gaenslen’s Test Gaenslen’s Test
Sacral Thrust Patrick’s Sign (FABER)

Interpretation (3+ Variables):

Study Sensitivity Specificity +LR -LR
Laslett et al., 2003 0.91 0.78 4.16 0.12
Laslett et al., 2003 (Excluding Centralization) 0.91 0.87 6.97 0.11
Laslett et al., 2005 0.94 0.78 4.29 0.80
van der Wurff et al., 2006 0.85 0.79 4.02 0.19


1. Laslett M, et al. Diagnosing painful sacroiliac joints: A validity study of a McKenzie evaluation and sacroiliac provocation tests. Australian Journal of Physiotherapy. 2003; 49(2): 89-97.

2. Laslett M, et al. Diagnosis of sacroiliac joint pain: validity of individual provocation tests and composites of tests. Manual Therapy. 2005; 10(3): 207-18.

3. van der Wurff P, Buijs EJ, Groen GJ. A Multitest Regimen of Pain Provocation Tests as an Aid to Reduce Unnecessary Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Procedures. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2006;87(1):10-14. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2005.09.023.

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