Purpose: Identify patients who likely have meniscal pathology based on specific patient characteristics and examination findings.

Stage of CPR Development: Derivation.


1. History of catching or locking reported by the patient
2. Joint line tenderness
3. Pain with forced hyperextension (modified bounce home test)
4. Pain with maximal passive knee flexion
5. Pain or audible click with McMurray maneuver


Variables Sensitivity Specificity +LR PPV
3 0.31 0.90 3.14 77%
4 0.17 0.96 4.28 82%
5 0.11 0.99 11.20 92%


1. Lowery DJ, et al. A clinical composite score accurately detects meniscal pathology. Arthroscopy. 2006; 22(11): 1174-9.

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