Purpose: In order to identify patients likely to present with anterior shoulder instability due to a traumatic incident.

Stage of CPR Development: Derivation.


1. Apprehension
2. Relocation
3. Anterior Drawer


Tests Sensitivity Specificity +LR -LR + Post-test Prob
Apprehension, Relocation, and Anterior Drawer 0.48 0.99 39.10 0.52 82.0%
Apprehension and Relocation 0.81 0.98 39.70 0.19 81.0%
Relocation and Anterior Drawer 0.48 0.96 13.03 0.54 61.0%
Apprehension and Anterior Drawer 0.46 0.98 23.06 0.55 77.0%


1. Farber AJ, et al. Clinical Assessment of Three Common Tests for Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 2006; 88-A(7): 1467-1474.

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