Clinical decision making is integral to becoming an effective clinician, regardless of profession. One tool that we, as physical therapists, have is the clinical prediction rule (CPR), which is the best combination of medical signs, symptoms, and/or other findings in predicting the probability of a specific disease or outcome. There have been many CPRs developed over the years (some better than others), but I thought it was necessary to provide these CPRs with their accompanying statistical significance to my readers. These CPRs may help in determining what physical examination tests to choose and/or what interventions to utilize based on your patient’s clinical presentation.

If you are ever curious as to what patients tend to respond favorably to spinal manipulation or if you cannot quite remember what symptoms tend to coincide with carpal tunnel syndrome, you can find the answers in the new ‘Clinical Prediction Rules‘ section. In the top right corner of this webpage, you can find ‘Clinical Decision Making’, click on this tab and you will be taken to the menu leading you to 19 of the most relevant CPRs to physical therapists. Or, you can CLICK HERE

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