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Mike Reinold recently published a guest post titled “Do Males and Females with Patellofemoral Pain Need to be Treated Differently?” written by Heidi Mills, BSc (Hons), GSR. This article points out the inherent biomechanical differences between men and women and how these translate to clinical practice. That being said, there is no cookbook protocol based on sex and each individual program should be specific to your patient’s deficits.

At the EIM Blog, in an article titled “The Future of Physical Therapy Education“, John Childs, PT, PhD, MBA discusses the disjointed educational requirements to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. With increasing student loan debts and changing medical reimbursements, it is only time before the DPT curriculum begins to mirror that of most MD programs.

Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT posted a detailed video (“Eclectic Strategies for Thoracic Mobility“) demonstrating and discussing the need for thoracic intervention/evaluation. Well worth the 20 minutes!

Finally, in the aftermath of the “Dr.” Oz debacle, there have been several blog posts addressing the issue. We as therapists or future therapists must educate the general public on what we do and why we do it. The general population does not understand our place in the medical community and this needs to change. At the same time, outdated passive modalities NEED to be phased out… Ultrasound, Hot Packs, and TENS do not cut it anymore.

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