The University of Pittsburgh is hosting several excellent educational opportunities in the coming months. Proceeds will go directly toward the Foundation for Physical Therapy via the Pitt-Marquette Challenge. So come out and learn from some of our profession’s leaders and help provide much needed funding towards physical therapy research!

Examination and Treatment of Running Injuries
Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD
April 6-7, 2013
Cost: $300.00

Course Description:

Successful treatment of running injuries has remained somewhat elusive to orthopedic and sports medicine clinicians. Through a greater understanding of the associated mechanics, advances in prevention and rehabilitation strategies can be made that will reduce the incidence rate of these common injuries. This advanced 2-day course will provide a thorough review of the most recent scientific findings related to the examination, diagnosis and treatment of running injuries. Discussion will focus on the current literature pertaining to running mechanics and injury, and the clinical decision making needed to achieve superior outcomes. The use of video analysis as part of the running gait examination will be emphasized, and novel strategies to modify running mechanics will be presented as part of a comprehensive approach to treatment. Multiple case studies will be integrated to illustrate concepts and promote idea application. The overall objective is to provide each participant with an understanding of the current knowledge pertaining to the management of runningrelated injuries, with techniques that can be immediately applied in clinical practice.

Continuing Education Credits:

Direct Access CEUs : 2
General Access CEUs: 9.5
Course Level: Intermediate

A Classification Based Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of Cervical Spine Disorders
Louie Puentedura, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
April 13, 2013
Cost: $250.00

Course Description:

Neck pain is a fairly common source of disability and a frequent reason for referral to outpatient physical therapy clinics. Often, patients with neck pain cannot be given a definitive structural diagnosis, which makes it difficult for physical therapists to determine which treatments are most likely to benefit an individual patient. An alternative approach to structural diagnosis is the classification process. Classification seeks to group patients based on clusters of history and examination findings instead of proposed structural pathology. Each group, or classification, is then associated with a particular management approach that is believed to be most effective for patients in that classification.

This 1 day, 8 hour course, offers a comprehensive investigation into the proposed classification-based approach to the management of patients with neck pain and dysfunction. The course is designed to provide the clinician with skills to carefully use a combination of clinical prediction rules (where available) and sound clinical reasoning in order to determine the most effective management of patients with neck pain.

New and updated research will be presented on the 5 proposed classifications within the system, and participants will have the opportunity to explore, in detail, each of the sub-groups within the classification system. The evidence for, and appropriate use of each classification group will be presented, and the most appropriate (and evidence-based) examination and treatment interventions will be outlined and demonstrated. Treatment interventions will include thrust manipulation techniques for the cervical and thoracic spines, non-thrust mobilization techniques for the cervical spine, motor control exercises for the cervical spine, traction, patient education and more.

Research has shown improved outcomes for patients with low back pain when treatments are based on a classification method, and therefore the development of a classification system for patients with neck pain may help to improve outcomes in these patients as well. This course will bring course participants up to date on the classification system for patients with neck pain

Continuing Education Units:

General Access CEUs: 7
Course Level: Intermediate

Pitt-Ohio Express April 20, 2013
Cost: $75.00

Course Descriptions:

In an effort to raise money for the Foundation for Physical Therapy, the faculty from the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Physical Therapy will be traveling to the Cleveland Clinic to offer exceptional programming in many specialty areas including Orthopedics, Neurology, Geriatrics and Cardiopulmonary PT.

Interactive Vestibular Case Studies
Sue Whitney, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

Evaluation and Treatment Considerations for Knee Osteoarthritis Examination and Treatment of the Stiff Shoulder
G. Kelley Fitzgerald, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA
Jay Irrgang, PT, DPT, PhD, ATC, FAPTA

Motor Skill in Walking: An Energy Cost Savings Approach to Mobility Limitations
Jessie VanSwearingen, PhD, PT, FAPTA
Jennifer Brach, PhD, PT, GCS

Assessment of Exercise Tolerance Across the Continuum: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Metabolic Implications
Andrea L. Hergenroeder, PhD, PT, CCS
Victoria Hornyak, PT, DPT, GCS

Low Back Pain: A Case-Based Approach to Orthopaedic Section ICF Guidelines and their Implementation
Tony Delitto, PhD, PT, FAPTA
Michael Timko, PT, MS, FAAOMPT
Chris Bise, PT, MS, DPT, OCS

Continuing Education Units:

General Access CEUs: 3
Course Level: Intermediate

Questions regarding any of the courses listed?

Contact: PittMarquetteChallenge@gmail.com

About the Author John Snyder, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

I am a Physical Therapist, a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, an Educator, and a Research Junkie. My goal is to provide resources for orthopedic and sports medicine clinicians to keep up to date with the current literature and allow them to translate it to their practice.

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